by Rodney Arnold
following Winter Sunshine Cruise to Fishbourne, IOW
4 February 2018

The sun had shone
since dawn, no less.
A sunny island beckoned.
At 10 we left the mainland shore,
and climbed up to the bridge;
there one of us could take the helm
to steer us straight and true –
best not to look astern, we thought,
in case the course had faltered.

The sky was blue, the sea so calm
it was not even lathered.
And once we reached that Fishbourne port
we drove near to the Yar
through Wootton Creek to Ventnor shore
to take a morning stroll.
And then, a warming tot – when,
suddenly, a wave appeared
and splashed our fearless driver –
before we headed back to base,
the friendly Royal Victoria.
There we ate our Sunday lunch
and drank a glass or two,
before nipping to the pub nearby
coffees to partake.
'Twas here your author lost his hat;
or was it in our wake, unseen,
in ever sparkling waters,
drifting back to Fishbourne
in the shortly setting sun?


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