– a great evening

The Trafalgar night dinner was held on Saturday 21 October, 212 years to the day since Nelson triumphed over the French and Spanish fleets and died as a national hero.

Brigadier Richard Spencer, Deputy Commandant Royal Marines, was the guest of honour, giving an excellent,  broad-ranging speech and adding a splash of colour in his bright red formal mess uniform along with several other Royal Marine officers and their more soberly dressed Royal Navy colleagues. The evening finished with superb  shanty singing, led Royal Marine Bandmaster, Jason Burcham, and the Club’s own pop-up choir, 'The Shanty Folk', who ensured that the finale of 'Land of Hope and Glory' was delivered with much gusto!

As always Ollie Clift’s team served a superb meal to a full house, and the Club looked great with the silverware and flowers gracing the tables.

Thanks to Cameron March and Jamie Doble for organising this event (which would be worthy of any Naval Wardroom), and the many others who helped with the arrangements for the evening.

House Committee

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