28 July 2017

The Adult Sail Training programme has proved to be extremely popular, and as a result we are scheduling in additional courses for later this summer.  If you are interested in this training, please read the rest of this article.

We will be running RYA Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 courses, subject to demand and coordinating with available training boats.  To see a further description of what level of instruction these courses offer please refer to RYA Which Course? page

The classes are typically being run on a Saturday and Sunday.  You will need to do two weekends, for a total of four training days.  You must do a consecutive Saturday and Sunday (in other words, you can’t do a Saturday one weekend, and a Sunday the following weekend).  We are offering a number of weekends, and we will pair up as best we can the level of training, the number of people, and boat availability.  We will be running the training using the Club's three Bahias, which will hold one instructor and three students.  We will not be mixing levels within a boat.

The cost for each RYA Level course will be in the region of £150, and is subject to demand.  (Note that the figure is a bit higher than previous training as we are tweaking the programme.)

We are proposing the following dates:

  • Sat/Sun 19/20 August (very limited availability due to other training programmed for that date)
  • Sat/Sun 26/27 August (Bank Holiday)
  • Mon/Sun 28 Aug/03 September (Bank Holiday Monday, plus following early tide Sunday)
  • Sat/Sun 07/08 October
  • Mon-Thur 23 – 26 October (4 day full RYA Level class, held during half-term)

Please indicate your availability using the following polls.  Please indicate as many dates that you can make in order  to assist scheduling as we are trying to get as many people into training as possible.  Please do not indicate the same dates on different polls (e.g. Level 2 and Level 3).  If you are interesting in doing two classes use the earlier dates for the lower level class and the later dates for the higher level class, and send me an email that this is your interest, and I’ll try to schedule you in.

If you would like to participate in the next round of training please:

a) Complete an online poll.  Please complete this poll by Sunday, 6th August

b) Send an email to Lester Korzilius indicating your interest.

We will start allocating slots after 6 Aug.  You can apply after this date, but there will be less flexibility to accommodate you.

If you have any questions, please contact Lester Korzilius, ESC Sailing Committee, via the office or login to Medusa for contact details.

Lester Korzilius
Sailing Committee

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