30 May 2017

Dear Fellow Member

From various discussions with members we've ascertained there is a desire for adult sailing training. There are some programmed adult training events, but we'd like to expand this to include structured RYA Level 1 and Level 2 courses. We would like to gauge interest in this idea. 

Our initial thoughts are that the courses are done over two weekends with sailing on the Saturday and Sunday. We are considering running the programme over three weekends with the idea that you attend two of the weekends – this to allow people to better manage their diaries. We propose to run the course using the Club's Laser Bahias with three adult trainees and one Dinghy Instructor per boat. There would be several boats out concurrently, some doing the RYA 1 course, and others RYA 2. The several boats would be overseen by a Sailing Instructor.

Costs are to be determined, but will be minimal as the intent is to increase participation. Because of this the training would be limited to Club members only. 

If you are interested in participating in this please email me either direct or via the office

Lester Korzilius
Sailing Committee



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