22 November 2017

There is a large waiting list for Billets for next season. If you do not require a Billet for next year it would be really helpful if you could let the Billets Officers know as soon as possible to enable us to plan for next season.

During the winter we will be making some changes in the Mountbatten Park:

Firstly, many of the Billets will be re-numbered using a simpler system. For example Billet A14/A will become A14 and A14/B will become A15 etc.

Secondly, we are aware that some members are having difficulty getting their boats in and out of their Billets due to lack of space. Boats have been damaged by some owners being less than careful. We will be re-organising the park during the winter so members may find that they will be offered a different Billet for next year.

And finally, would the owner of the kayak that has been left in the dinghy rack next to the workshop (photo attached) please contact us.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
20 October 2017

Dinghy Park – Masts Down Reminder

All masts in the Dinghy Park must be down by Wednesday 1 November.  Failure to do this will result in forfeiting the billet next year.

If this creates difficulties, the Club Bosun has offered to do this for you for a donation of £20 to the RNLI.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
29 September 2017

ESC Billet Log Survey September 2017 – click here

With one month of the sailing season left a review of the Billets log was conducted on 27 September to enable us to determine which members will be invited to renew their Billet for next season.

  • A total of 87 boats currently do not meet the Club requirement for a minimum of 8 outings during the season.
  • A total of 60 boats have been signed out 4 or less times.
  • 32 boats have not been signed out at all.

The results of our review are published here to enable members to see whether their Billet is at risk of not being renewed next year. The final date for meeting the requirement is 31 October. If at that time there is a valid excuse as to why your boat has not been used at least 8 times this year then please email us at billets@emsworthsc.org.uk

If you are on the list and are planning to race in the Hare & Hounds series, please also contact us.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
21 August 2017

It has been an unusual August in terms of weather but the early part of the season was fine so hopefully many of you have enjoyed some good sailing. The sign-out book needs to have eight outings recorded in it if you want to be sure of retaining your billet for next year. A couple of boats still seem to have masts down from last winter!

A number of boats are not displaying the current 2017 Conservancy stickers. Many canoes, windsurfers, paddle boards and small craft still appear to be being used without payment of harbour dues. We still have another couple of months of the sailing season left so if this applies to you please can you ensure that your billet and conservancy stickers are attached to your boat, the sign-out book is up to date and the vegetation under your boat clipped back. All boats will be inspected again in September prior to any billet allocation for 2018.

If you have any specific requirement for billets next year, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you. If you wish to keep a boat in the car park over the winter 2017/18, forms are available in the Office.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
24 July 2017

Several members are storing additional kayaks, canoes, sailboards etc. in their billets in addition to the dinghy that has been registered with the Club. This is acceptable providing that the kayak, canoe, sailboard etc. is stored on top of the registered dinghy and does not obstruct other members' billets or the gangway in any way. They must also be displaying a current harbour dues plaque and some form of identification so that we know who the owner is. They must also be insured.

The featured photograph was taken recently of a two-man kayak that was obstructing both their neighbour's billet as well as the gangway and was not able to be identified in any way. Please would the owner of this kayak make themselves known to the Billets Officers and please note that it has now been removed to the Rogue area in the north-west corner of the dinghy park so as not to inconvenience other members.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
27 June 2017

There are currently four boats in the Dinghy Park (2 x Laser Picos, 2 x Optimists) for which we have no owner details:

Photos - unclaimed boats June 2017

If any member owns one of these boats or knows who the owner might be, please would you let the Billet Officers know by emailing billets@emsworthsc.org.uk

If any of these boats are not claimed they will be sold to recoup storage fees owing.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
June 2017

Over the past few days an audit of the majority of boats in the dinghy park has been carried out.

A total of 309 billet spaces were audited. The results of the audit are published here to enable members to take corrective action.It was found that there is considerable disorganisation at present. With a waiting list for billets, some current billet holders are not abiding by the Club’s requirements.

Some of the problems found are as follows:

  • Many ESC payment stickers remained in the Outer Office. We have tried to attach these to boats where possible but a total of 26 stickers had been removed from the Outer Office by members but had not been attached to their boat.
  • A total of 96 boats are not displaying the current 2017 Conservancy stickers. Of greater concern, 38 of these boats had been signed out at least once. We will be emailing members separately about this. Many canoes, windsurfers, paddle boards and small craft also appear to being used without payment of harbour dues.
  • The Dinghy Park itself is looking shabby as some members are not cutting back the grass under their boats. 166 billets spaces were found to have long grass and weeds growing.
  • 173 boats were found to either have no trolley label attached or that the label was unreadable. If this applies to you, please obtain a new label from the Club Office.
  • 5 boats were found to be in the wrong space.
  • 131 boats have yet to be used this season. The sign-out book needs to have eight outings recorded if you want to be sure of retaining your billet next year. 18 boats still seem to have masts down from last winter!
Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
May 2017

The majority of Billets have now been allocated for this season, and In order that we can perhaps allocate a few more for members on the waiting list we should be grateful if all Billet holders would:

1. Make sure that your boat is in the correct allocated billet.
2. Label your trolley – labels can be obtained from the office.
3. Apply a 2017 billet paid sticker, which are available in the outer office.
4. Apply a Chichester Harbour Conservancy sticker.
5. Keep the grass/vegetation clear in your billet.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
19 April 2017

As a courtesy to other members, please could all boat owners with dinghies in the Mountbatten Park who have stored their masts lying down on their boats during the winter, please put their masts up as soon as possible. Now that the sailing season is underway, horizontally stored masts cause a safety hazard as well as restricting access throughout the park.

There is a small quantity of firewood in the north west corner of the Mountbatten Park which is free if any member would like to help themselves.

There are a large number of members that have not yet attached billet stickers or harbour dues plaques to their boats. Please do so as soon as possible. An audit of all boats will be carried out at the beginning of May.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
Billets log
1 April 2017

The 2017 dinghy billets Log is now available in the wet bar. Please remember to enter the date in the log each time you use your boat.

Boats must be used a minimum of 8 times for their Billet to be renewed next year.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
20 March 2017

Good progress was made at the work party on 11 March to prepare the dinghy park for the new season. More work is planned for the next work party on 25 March. Billet owners could assist with this task by ensuring that their boat is parked in its allocated space.

At the next work party, we will be trimming last years’ growth from a number of un-maintained billets. Please remember that it is every billet holder's responsibility to keep their allocated space neat and tidy and this will be closely monitored this year.

Access to the Mountbatten Park has recently been improved. Concrete plinths have been laid just inside each of the southern entrances which will make access and egress much easier.

Please note that 2017 billet paid stickers are now available in the outer office and these should be placed towards the aft end of your boat along with a current harbour dues sticker.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
Billets stickers 2017
15 March 2017

The 2017 dinghy billet stickers are now available in the outer office.

Please apply your sticker to the aft end of your boat as soon as possible and ensure that it is parked in its allocated space.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
Billets 2017
1 March 2017

As many of you will know, Neil and Cath Mant have taken over from Tim Goodhead as Billets Officers. Many thanks to Tim for his sterling work in the past.

We are currently busy allocating billets to those on the waiting list. If any member requires a billet for this year and has not already applied, please do so soon by completing an application form available from the office.

To enable the Dinghy Park to be readied for the coming season, we would be grateful if all billet holders could check and carry out the following before the end of March at the latest:

  • Make sure that your boat is in its allocated billet
  • Label your trolley. Labels obtainable from the Office
  • Pay for your billet and then apply the 2017 billet paid sticker, when they become available
  • Apply a current Chichester Harbour Conservancy sticker
  • Clear the grass/vegetation in your billet and keep it clear during the year

Please remember that masts may not be stepped in the Dinghy Park until the beginning of March.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers


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