From the Rear Commodore (Sailing)
November 2017

Sailing Committee is pleased to announce that Keir MacNally is to take over from Chris Palmer as Chief Powerboat Instructor.  Our thanks to Chris for all his work over the last few years.

A recent two day course held at the Club has produced nine new safety boat coxes.  Well done to Trevor Wilcock, Brendon Hayes, Matthew Charlesworth, Paul Butterworth, Dion Hoare, Nick Trillwood, Dean Silcock, Dave Harris and Liz Spencer. More  powerboat courses will be scheduled – if you are interested, please let the secretaries know.

The boat park survived the recent high winds with only one boat blown over, however it was noticed that many of the boats are not tied down.  All dinghy owners are advised to tie their boats down to prevent damage not only to their own boat but their neighbours’ boats as well.

The summer season ends on 28 October, and masts must be down by 1 November.  If you are unable to lower your mast, please contact the Bosun who is offering to do it for you for a small fee as a donation to the RNLI.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
October 2017

What a month! One of Sailing's busiest of the year!

First off was the Regatta, with just under 60 entries. Then last weekend saw the The Yoke, the annual keenly contested team race between cruisers of ESC and ESSC. By now most of you will have heard that ESC retained the trophy by the slender margin of 1.25 points, so it is back in its rightful place in the snug bar.

Our winning helms and boats were (in finish order, the first seven counting towards the result):

(1) Finvara – Doug Peniston
(2) Bombardino – Bruce Ramsay
(3) Giddy Gazelle – Gary Willard
(8) Stardust – Mike Powell
(11) Ice Maiden – Gordon Powell
(12) Pimpernel – David Urry
(16) Freyja – Andy Hales
(17) Mons Meg – Max Jones
(21) Egret – Patrick Marshall
(22) Zuben – Martin Stewart
(23) Humdinger – Mitch Herbert
(27) Keltic Dancer – Matt Townsend
(28) Highlander – Tim Keeping
(ret) Tire Bouchon – Nick Trillwood

Congratulations to all helms and crew, and our thanks to Russ and Linda Wolstenholme for producing the results in time for ESC commodore Michael Geary to be able to announce them at the dinner afterwards.

The climax of the weekend was Bart’s Bash.  More than 70 boats took part, with the Juniors well represented.  Entries were slow to begin with, and for a while it seemed that there might be more helpers than competitors until a late rush brought the sum raised for the charity to £500.

Well done and thank you to all who took part, afloat and ashore.

It must not be forgotten that none of these events would happen without our army of volunteers doing data entry, results and on-water safety, and of course the contribution of Oliver and his team. The Club’s thanks goes to all of you.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
September 2017
ESC Regatta 9 September
Entries needed! It’s time to get your dinghy out of the boat park and take part in our annual open regatta!
Yoke Trophy 23 September
More entries are needed to defend last year’s win.  Keep your eye on the cruiser noticeboard (now next to the main Club noticeboard in the lounge), and on the website.
Bart’s Bash 25 September
ESC is hosting this year’s charity event so aand it's time to sign up – all dinghies welcome.

Sailing activity has been at full speed over the summer holidays! Over 30 entries for Junior Race Week saw safety boats being kept busy in brisk winds, all under the watchful eye and control of Sam Tweedle and his team.

COW Week saw frantic action with 116 entries, all overseen by Gillian Carter and her team.  A great effort by all.

25 people turned out for the 'taster' Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) session on Thursday evening, 24 August. Members from ESC and ESSC tried out different styles of board under the guidance of Alex Tobbutt. Several people said they were looking to purchase boards, so if you are interested please let Sailing Committee know.

Also very popular is Adult Training, led by Lester Korzilius.  All courses arranged have been filled, and more are being organised.

Kill cords: as always, vigilance regarding safety is important.  No member of the Club, whatever their age or experience, should be afraid to challenge any RIB driver seen not wearing their cord.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
July 2017
Upcoming events:
ESC Regatta 9 September
The Yoke Trophy 23 September
Bart's Bash 24 September

The Laser Open was held on 9 July on a fine light windy Sunday.  There were 24 entries. Results were sent in electronically and were ready as the race team returned to the shore.

The Junior BBQ & Martlets Presentation attracted a large gathering on Sunday 16 July.  Well done to all our Martlets team! The volunteer effort to keep our Martlets/Tera/Feva groups running means a lot of hard work for just a few willing volunteers.  So,  more helpers are required ... parents/guardians, please offer to help these groups or we may not be able to offer such courses in the future.

Future events:

ESC Regatta 9 September – helpers are needed on the top deck for time-keeping and flags – contact the secretaries please.

Not so far away is The Yoke! Our defence of this trophy is looms, and we need as many cruisers and crew as possible.  Please reserve the date – 23 September.  Sign up on the Cruiser noticeboard to enter or contact Cruiser Captain Paul Cowtan to crew or for any queries.

Bart’s Bash 24 September – again, helpers needed on the finish line and terrace.  All entries from our various dinghy fleets welcome.  The number of entries dropped last year, so we need a big effort please ...

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is attracting a lot of attention – look out for a Thursday evening try-out session (free to members) to be announced soon.  Meanwhile, if you would be interested in paddleboarding at the Club please help us by completing this (very brief) online questionnaire and keep your eye on the website.  If you have any queries or input please contact Matthew Wright

Our thanks to all who responded to Sailing Committee’s request for suggestions for a suitable name for our new Scow.  Of a varied list we have chosen ‘Alfrescow’, suggested by Louise Stone.

Last but by no means least, dinghy hire prices have been reduced for Social Sailing and Family Fun days.  Details will appear on the website in September.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)
June 2017
Upcoming events
Laser Open – 9 July
ESC Regatta – 9 September
Yoke – 23 September
Bart’s Bash – 24 September

The Laser Open follows the event at Bosham SC so it is likely that there will be a good entry at ESC.  Sailing Committee is looking for a strong entry from our fleet to ensure that we retain the trophy! Please sign up on the noticeboard.

Volunteers are required to help move competitors boat trollies, make cakes and serve teas for the Laser competitors when they come off the water.   If you are able to help in any way, please advise the secretaries.

After the cruisers' recent success with the Folly & King Scott Trophies, again we need to field a strong team for The Yoke to make sure we retain this hotly contested trophy.

Social Sailing: On Sunday 18 June, Escort & Escimo accompanied an assorted ensemble for a sail to East Head – one Pico, three Teras, one Laser 2000, two Club Bahias, a Shrimper, three kayaks and three dogs made up the ‘fleet’. We all enjoyed the day and my thanks go to Roger Bleasby, Alex and Angela Johnson and June Lineham for their help.

The Club Scow has arrived and is ready for hire.  In the Scow tradition, she needs a name – if you have a suggestion (other than Escow!) please let the secretaries have your offer.

The number of Club members who paddle board and/or kayak is increasing and we are thinking of forming a dedicated section within the Club.  So that we can gauge interest, if you are a paddle boarder or kayaker already or are thinking of becoming one please contact me (rcs@emsworthsc.org.uk) or the office to express your interest.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing) 

May 2017

Sailing activity continues at a pace.  Martlets and Juniors courses are heavily booked, and billet allocation and the Dinghy Park are under control due to the sterling efforts of Neil and Cath Mant.  Please make sure any changes to your your details are sent to Neil and please do not move any boats around in the Dinghy Park unless approved by Neil.

Plans are in place to improve the barriers at the west end of the Dinghy Park and we shall soon be asking for a small working party to help.

Your support is needed for upcoming events, both as helpers and entrants, for the Laser Open (9 July), the ESC Regatta (9 September), and Bart's Bash on 24 September.

For those interested in a fun day out, Social Sailing are organising a trip to East Head on Sunday 18 June, with Escort and a RIB on duty .

Our new Fevas are being put to good use, and we eagerly await the imminent delivery of the Club Scow. 

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)

February 2017

Whilst it may appear to be quiet at this time of year there, is actually a lot of activity going on. For example, a new Oppie rack has been constructed which holds the boats away from the front wall.

Fevas for sale

The Club is replacing its three Fevas – ne has already been sold and the other two are on the market for £3,700 each to Club members, complete with brand new main and jib and in excellent condition. Contact the bosun if you are interested. And as well as ordering three new Fevass, the Club is purchasing a Scow – look out for more details ...

Working Party

Help is needed for the Spring Working Parties on 11 and 25 March. Put your names down on the list on the Club noticeboard or contact the office.

Our thanks go to Tim Goodhead for his hard work on the Dinghy Park. Tim can now take a well earned rest, and Neil and Cath Mant are taking up the challenge, and Simon Langford is taking over the results from Neil and Cath.


Another helper to step forward is Margaret Jay, who is going to look after the trophies. Again our thanks to Dave Bulman for his hard work over the years.


Sailing Committee is also seeking a volunteer to help Martin Stewart with Dutyman. As our activities with training grow, we need help with keeping track of existing members' qualifications and analysing those of our new members. So if you are recently retired and are looking to escape from the gardening and decorating, contact Martin.

Last but not least, "Sid", our Harbourmaster, has retired. Sid was well known and very experienced in the harbour and helped ESC many times over the years. Our thanks go to him and we wish him all the very best.

Robert Lineham
Rear Commodore (Sailing)



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