9 - 11 August 2019

Emsworth Sailing Club chose two lucky 15 year olds to represent the Club at the first GP Inspire event at the start of Cowes Week 2019. Georgie Cosens & Charlie South, two keen monohull sailors, set off for a stormy weekend on the IoW to learn how to sail and race the RS 14 catamaran.

The Friday allowed them the chance to sail with one of the SailGP skippers with some great videos on the RS Facebook feed! Look out for Team Number 4!

Saturday was a write-off with 55kts, which made for a interesting night's sleep in the tents! This meant Sunday was an ALL IN – Everything or Nothing Race Sunday in 20kts plus! 

Sailing with GP helms Billy Besson (SailGP France) and Rome Kirby (SailGP USA), the Cosens/South Team didn't let Emsworth down! They pulled off a great start; shortly after a gust came through on the outside sending the fleet down on them fast.  The duo held their inside line and gybed coolly to take control of the fast track to soak over the 9-strong fleet representing clubs across the South Coast, pulling through to a lead that was never in doubt! The Emsworth team won comfortably, demonstrating excellent tactical knowledge, teamwork and strong decision making skills.

SailGP site has more great footage: https://sailgp.com 

About SailGP
Inspire is SailGP’s community, education and outreach initiative, powered by the belief that sailing can be a force for good.

SailGP's goal is to leave a positive legacy and build a sustainable sport – by providing equal, life-changing opportunities and new career pathways for all, regardless of race or socioeconomic background.

Miggy South


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