7 August 2019

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CoW Week
Outline Timetable

We hope everyone is really looking forward to a fantastic COW week. There are some great activities both on and off the water. There are a lot of people who have already volunteered to help but we could always use more. There are plenty of roles for volunteers both on and off the water. Please let us know if you can help.

Due to the high-water times, this year is mainly a morning affair. That said, most of our sailing will happen around lunch time so please be prepared with food and drink for your CoWs. Ollie and the team can provide a packed lunch of roll, bar, fruit and water for about £3.75 if you need more supplies.

We are all hoping that the recent glorious weather continues – the high winds and rain forecast for Friday and Saturday should be gone by Monday. We hope it will be more sun cream and water required rather than waterproofs and jumpers, but who knows so best be prepared.


Each day there will be a briefing on the terrace to explain the plan for the day and sometimes beyond. It is really important that you (PIGs – Parents Including Grandparents) and the COWs (Children On Water) attend this as there will be different elements of safety and activity each day. To ensure we all get the most out of the on-water time please try to be rigged, dressed for the water and basically ready to go before the briefings.

Tallies –there will be a Tally system in place each day. All COWs must "tally on" (get and wear a band) before going on the water and "tally off" (hand it back in) as soon as they come off the water (before changing, swimming etc).

Trolleys – ideally need a label and to be stored safelyand effectively in the marked areas whilst boats are afloat. There will be some help on hand for trollies, but please can parents help get other children's boats out of the water at the peak times and please try to keep the terrace flowing.

Off Water activities are planned for each day. These activities (after the On Water) will be open to all the COWs but parental support and participation is always encouraged. There are 3 activities which may require some pre planning and equipment for:

1.The Crabbing competition will require net, line, bait (bacon?) and bucket.
2.The DIY model boat race should be a lot of fun, the very simple design rules are that the "boat" must not measure more than 50cm in 2 dimensions and no more than 75cm in the 3rd dimension. No power is allowed. The race will be in one direction only.

3. Fancy dress on Friday is for ALL and ALL day and includes things that float as well.

Food and drink

Food and drink will be available from the bar as usual during the week. It will be very busy so please order early and be patient with Ollie and his team. Whether you are picnicking or eating from the kitchen please clear plates, glasses and rubbish for the obvious reasons but also as we are about due for the wasps.

We need lots of cake each day for the end of the water session (as an incentive to "tally off"). Please put your baking skills to the test, it is lovely to have homemade cakes and biscuits for the children.

Swimming pool safety and etiquette remain the same as normal – no non-members allowed in the pool, responsible adults need to be registered with the Club as having done the appropriate resuscitation course and must supervise at all times.


The most important thing to remember is that this is all for FUN!! Have a great week.

Erika and Cathy
Junior Coordinators


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