29 June 2019

Report & photos

Saturday 29 June saw our Centenary Day Trip East Head, and yet again the weather was with us. Who should take credit for this?  Was it great planning or just luck – or is the Hon Sailing Secretary in the know?

However, Escort manned by Rogers Palmer and Bleasby, Escimo with Robert Lineham and Andrew Blain and Francesca manned by Trevor Wilcock (escorting the Club's Itchenor Schools contestants) accompanied our fleet of all types and sizes on what was a perfect sailing day.

The Commodore and the Hulton crew, Sue and Tom, entertained us with cake and coffee, for which grateful thanks. Jerry White escorted Geoffrey Palmer's family in their Oppie as well as the Tera fleet, with East Head stalwarts Alex and Angela Johnson in their Wanderer adding to the numbers. The Browns arrived in their Shimper all prepared for a day of sun, sail and clear blue skies.

An impromptu game of boules started off amid great confusion as the instructions were in French, but participants soldiered manfully on and a good time was had by all! 

Robert Lineham
Sailing Committee


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