Early July 2019

The Mountbatten Park is looking very untidy at the moment as many members are still not cutting back the grass under or around their boats. If you haven’t been down to look at your boat for a while, please do so very soon and remember to take garden shears with you!

Billet stickers have been available in the outer office since the end of March. There are a large number of stickers still in the outer office which billet holders should have attached to their boats well before now. In previous months we have advised that if billet stickers have not been attached to boats by the end of June at the latest, the billet will not be renewed next year. That deadline has now passed therefore, if you haven’t done so already, please contact us at billets@emsworthsc.org.uk if you have not yet attached your sticker.

During July we will be carrying out an audit of all boats in the dinghy park.

The items we will be checking are as follows:

  • that all boats, kayaks, windsurfers etc. are displaying a current harbour dues plaque.
  • that boats are in the correct space and that weeds and grass have been trimmed.

Please therefore check now that your boat is in its allocated billet, your 2019 billet sticker is attached, that you have paid your harbour dues and that your billet is tidy.

Several members have been storing kayaks, windsurfers etc. in the north west corner of the dinghy park. If your craft is stored there and you have not let us know or added some form of identification, it will be disposed of. Photos of two of this month’s rogues are shown below comprising one red and white kayak and one A-Frame road base. If either of these belong to you please contact us as soon as possible or they will be disposed of.


Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
18 June 2019
Over recent years, mainly due to increased overcrowding on the terrace, more and more of us have been rigging and de-rigging our boats in the dinghy park. Please could everyone show some respect to our near neighbours in the Creek End bungalows by minimizing the length of time that their sails are up and flapping before and after going afloat, particularly on windy days.

Remember the Dinghy Park Licence requires that 'Masts may not be stepped at any time in dinghies parked in the northern third of Mountbatten Park'.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
28 May 2019

There are still a number of boats in the dinghy park that have not had their masts raised since last winter. Where applicable, masts should be raised now to avoid causing an obstruction to other Club members.

There are still a large number of billet stickers in the outer office (adjacent to the secretary’s office) that members have not yet attached to their boats/tenders/inflatables. Please remember that if you haven’t attached your billet sticker by the end of June at the latest, you are unlikely to be offered a billet again next season. The photos below show a sample of unattached stickers as of 5 May.


Just a reminder that where members are storing kayaks, windsurfers, paddleboards etc. in their billets these must be kept on top of their dinghy and not alongside where they obstruct access to their neighbour's boat. Unfortunately there is insufficient space in individual billets for extra craft to be stored in this way. If this practice continues we will consider allowing only one boat/kayak etc. per billet.

A large camouflaged canoe has recently appeared in the north west corner of the dinghy park (photo below) If this canoe is yours, please email the Billets Officers asap for authorisation otherwise it will be removed and disposed of in the usual way.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
May 2019

Many thanks to all those members who helped us at the work party on 13 April. Thanks to you we were able to replace the low wooden billet fence between row C & D, the tie down chains in rows A & B as well as a general tidy up. If your boat is normally kept in the affected rows and you weren’t at the work party you may want to check that it has been left as you would like it.

There are several launching trolleys and road trailers in the park that are in very poor condition with broken wheels, flat tyres etc. Don’t forget the words in the Dinghy Park Licence that say, “You must keep your Boat and any trailer or trolley in a sound condition to the reasonable satisfaction of the Billets Officer. If we believe that the Boat or trailer or trolley is not sound, we reserve the right to require you to remove either or both of the Boat and trailer or trolley from the Dinghy Park, until you have put them into an appropriate condition.”

There are several unidentified windsurfers and a red kayak in the rogue area in the northwest section of the park that have apparently been abandoned by their owners. We have included a photo of the red kayak here. If any of these have not been claimed by the end of July they will be sold or disposed of.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers


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