January 2018

Please may we ask all members with Billets in the Mountbatten Park to renew their Club membership as soon as possible. This will enable us to commence our reorganisation of the dinghy park prior to the start of the new sailing season.

Many of you will have noticed that we have completed the first phase by re-numbering a large proportion of the billets. The next job is to physically re-paint the numbers in the park (volunteers please come forward).

Please also be aware that when you renew your billet your invoice will state a billet number, but that number could change during the reorganisation. We will let you know your new billet number prior to the start of the new season. The plan is to move many of the smaller boats down to the western end of the park where space is limited and keep the larger boats at the eastern end. Scows will be kept in the same location.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers
22 November 2017

There is a large waiting list for Billets for next season. If you do not require a Billet for next year it would be really helpful if you could let the Billets Officers know as soon as possible to enable us to plan for next season.

During the winter we will be making some changes in the Mountbatten Park:

Firstly, many of the Billets will be re-numbered using a simpler system. For example Billet A14/A will become A14 and A14/B will become A15 etc.

Secondly, we are aware that some members are having difficulty getting their boats in and out of their Billets due to lack of space. Boats have been damaged by some owners being less than careful. We will be re-organising the park during the winter so members may find that they will be offered a different Billet for next year.

Neil & Cath Mant
Billets Officers



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