29 December

Next year's duties are now up on Dutyman and are live for members to volunteer for the duties on the days that suit them best.

I will be putting a hard copy up on the noticeboard for any members who haven't yet quite grasped the digital format.

Come early February I will be allocating duties to the members who have 'chosen' not to choose their own dates. This isn't a problem except that if the duties allocated to them are not convenient, it will be the member's responsibility to arrange their own swaps.

All fit and able members who are active sailors are required to do a minimum of two duties a year. Please note: this applies to ALL sailors, not just dinghy racers. However, there is flexibility to cover members who already commit a lot of their time to assisting the Club in other ways – if you feel you fall into this category, please contact Martin to plead your case ...

If you are available during weekdays, we are always short of safety boat crews for Social Sailing. If you are available to fill any of these duties, that would be very helpful.

A slight change to the arrangements for the manning of Escort is being adopted for next season. The plan is to roster Race Officers who are down for a committee boat start who are also ‘approved’ Escort drivers. This will simplify the system in not having to find a person specifically to act as cox. If you are an RO and fall into this category but have not had instruction on the ‘new’ Escort, please put your name down now for the appropriate instruction.

Lastly, a very big thank you to everyone who gives up some their sailing time to volunteer to do duties in connection with on-water activities. Without this help, our organised sailing activities wouldn’t take place.

Martin Stewart
Dutyman Coordinator


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