Welcome to our new Racing Roll of Honour. It is designed to record the amazing breadth of sailing and seafaring talent shown by our senior and junior Club members. It will always be work in progress so we will not only be adding new results but also, where possible, historical results too.

Other major achievements may be added at the Club’s discretion. Complementing the Racing Roll of Honour will be a Junior / Youth Achievements page which will show other achievements such as RYA squads and Team GBR representation.

If you are a Club Member and have won a major event, title or achieved 2nd or 3rd and would like to appear on the Roll of Honour please submit your request to honours@emsworthsc.org.uk. Former ESC Commodore, Marcus Lawson is co-ordinating entries.

Please note that entries, whether past or present, are only eligible if the person was a Member at the time of the event. All entries are at the discretion of ESC.

The following details are required when submitting information for the Roll of Honour:

Month and year and ideally last day of event
ESC member name(s) only, name of Yacht where applicable
Event name and venue/Club.  Plus title/trophy where applicable.
e.g. Laser
1st, 2nd, 3rd. Where a result or title is an official prize category
within an overall event (e.g. a Ladies, Junior or Masters, we may,
on occasion, show the overall position if it is of note

For verification and accuracy purposes any links to a class website or results pages would be appreciated. Errors and omissions are bound to creep in so if you spot something we will try to correct it.


Junior & Youth Roll of Honour

Our Junior and Youth section of the Club continues to achieve great things. To reflect this, our Junior & Youth Roll of Honour has a slightly broader scope and incorporates RYA squads, Team GBR representation and other major awards.

Entries are displayed by class & date. It’s still for major events (rather than open meetings etc) but may include top results in major series for some classes. Top Junior & Youth events often have multiple prize categories, please be specific where this is the case. If in doubt just ask.

The very best Junior and Youth championship results and titles will also appear in the overall ROH.  Please note that, just like the adults, entries are only eligible if the person was a Member at the time of the event. All entries are at the discretion of ESC.


Roll of Honour 2013

Roll of Honour 2012

Roll of Honour 2011

Roll of Honour 2010

Roll of Honour 2009

Roll of Honour 2008

Roll of Honour 2007

Roll of Honour 1976-2006






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