5 August 2019

In response to suggestions received from members and following many rigorous debates, at January’s General Committee meeting it was agreed that for a trial period a new byelaw will be adopted allowing members to bring a dog onto Club premises with certain limitations.  We are now 6 months into this trial and sadly we have had a few complaints and unfortunate incidents reported about dogs and their owners behaviour. The General Committee will meet and discuss these in September. Please ensure you follow our guidelines over the busy summer period so that these recent incidents do not force us to end the trial.  

The full byelaw can be viewed below but in simple terms members can bring a pet dog onto Club premises provided that it is on a lead and under the control of an adult member at all times  (and not just left tied up) and not permitted to enter any of the Club buildings, the upper deck or use the terrace immediately in front of the Clubhouse.  There are no restrictions on the time this is permitted, however members are strongly advised to consider the necessity of having a dog on the premises during peak activities such as sailing and training events and major social activities.

The General Committee encourages all dog owners to make use of this opportunity over the coming months if they see fit and to demonstrate that this change can be smoothly and permanently assimilated into normal Club life without disturbing or disrupting those for whom this may not be such a welcome decision.

ESC Policy:
Dogs on Club Premises
See also ESC Byelaw permitting dogs on Club premises (1. B.3)

Emsworth Sailing Club acknowledges that for some members having a dog is an integral part of their enjoyment of an active outdoor lifestyle and as such would like to support this whilst also respecting that not all members may be comfortable with dogs being in the Club setting.

Dogs may be allowed on the Club premises subject to the following restrictions: 

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and under the control of an adult member. At no time must the dog be left unattended. 
  • Dogs are only allowed in the outside areas of the Club premises and if seated only the picnic benches may be used. Dogs are not permitted on the terrace in front of the Clubhouse or on the upper deck. 
  • In the interest of safety and the amenity of other members during sailing and training events (typically 3 hours either side of high water) members are strongly advised to consider the necessity of having a dog on the Club premises during these times. 
  • Members will be responsible for clearing any fouling left by their dog and any residue hosed or rinsed with fresh water. 
  • Dogs embarking or disembarking from boats may pass across the terrace at all times. 
  • Members are responsible for the conduct of their dog at all times and must ensure that it does not display aggressive or anti-social behaviour, foul on main walkways or cause damage or fouling to other members’ property. The General Committee may withdraw the right of any member to bring a dog onto Club premises whom, in the opinion of the committee, is not adhering to these rules.

Jane Scott,  Vice Commodore (Estates)




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