From the Vice Commodore
16 May 2019

Good evening everyone  

It’s so good to see all of you here this evening. What a year we’ve had so far, it’s very been busy! The Centenary events and planning for this summer’s celebrations have taken up a lot of our time, not to mention the visit of HRH The Princess Royal.

Estates is always busy with continual general upkeep of the Club but here are a few items which we will be concentrating on this year.

The Lawson Basin will soon be renovated to its former glory by the original contractor (once he returns from his deep sea diving work abroad) and the west wall will also have extensive repairs.   

After 17 years (we think), the old pool boiler died on it’s first firing this year and has been replaced by a new, mainly composite boiler designed to live outside all year round, which will cut our gas bill by 40%.  The electric control box for the cover has been an unexpected cost but it is essential that we replace it.

The clubhouse has been redecorated inside and out and was looking very smart in the local papers when HRH visited us. How clever of us to budget for this last year!

The car park is now being more closely monitored so that it remains available to all members at our busiest times.  I would also hope that as many local residents as possible are now walking or cycling to the Club to help preserve our beautiful local environment.  

An ESC environmental policy has been draw up and, once approved at General Committee, we will give you more information.  I hope you will all support us in this new initiative as we try to take simple practical steps to reduce our waste generation and our impact on the local environment.  

Last year we chatted to the Sailability officer at the RYA and he has recommended that this year we look to improve facilities at the Club for present members first.   We will shortly be sending out a questionnaire asking you what we can do to make the Club more accessible and enjoyable for all of you. An example of a potential improvement could be the installation of a hearing loop.  So please take a few minutes to let us know how we can plan for the future at ESC.

All this work and planning would not be possible without the many Club volunteers serving on Estates. They are here every week working away quietly on many of the small and essential jobs and maintenance which have to be carried out regularly. I won’t single out out volunteers but I am blessed with an incredibly conscientious team, painting every manner of Club item from race marks to walls and changing rooms, changing bulbs, fixing doors, organising, overseeing and chasing work to be done by outside contractors, tweaking our newly-installed card access system (at all hours) and keeping an eye on our car park and pool, not to mention the free architectural advice and plans!  You know who you are and I thank you very much for the work you do. This level of effort saves the Club so much money and I hope those of you who haven’t thought about volunteering before will give a little of your time to keep the Club looking as good as it does now. Please contact me or the secretaries if you think you would could spare a little time.

Thank you. 

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore (Estates)

March 2019

Spring is definitely in the air as I write.  Thoughts are of getting my boat prepared for the season and sandpaper is on standby for rubbing down my Scow!

We also need to think about preparing the Club for the season ahead.

The first Working Party is on the Saturday 16 March and so far we have a list of jobs for the day from litter picking to tidying the sail store and angle grinding chains in the boat park.  Something for everyone!  We start prompt at 10:00 and finish around noon, when Ollie will reward all our hard work with one of his delicious home made steak pies, chips and a pint or beverage of your choice. Please wear old clothes and bring protective gear if you think you may need it.  

Please sign up via the SCM/Members' Area or on the board or let the secretaries know if you are able to come along. 

The list of jobs for this first session will be published nearer the time.

Working Parties - general info

In an attempt to prevent non-members parking in our car park, we are issuing all members with new 2019 car park stickers.  We are monitoring the use of the car park at present levels with a view to improving its use in the future, for the benefit of our all members.  In due course non-members using the car park may receive a notice reminding them that it is solely for the use of ESC members and their guests. We hope this will help to alleviate some of the increasing parking issues we had in recent years.

Please collect your stickers from the office and make sure they are displayed on your windscreen.

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore (Estates)

February 2019

Over the winter months you might assume that all is quiet at the Club, but committee members and our Club volunteers are hard at work preparing for the year ahead.  The following gives you a flavour of what the Estates Committee have been busy doing recently.  

Our Club buildings and surrounding areas are constantly being inspected for any maintenance required and a schedule of works drawn up.  The work is carried out either by our small gang of volunteers or by contractors.  (You can find the list of maintenance jobs in the outer office – if you think you could offer some of your time volunteering please let the office know. Every little bit helps!)   


The front elevation of the clubhouse will shortly be given a good coat of paint to make sure it’s looking smart for our centenary year. Due to the size of this task contractors will be carrying out the work. Thank you, Harry, for organising quotes, etc.  

We have also had some repairs to the office roof and corroded wall-tiles in the outside wall to the kitchen. 

Internally our clubhouse volunteers Kyrle and Adrian are kept busy carrying out a variety of chores, putting up display cabinets, sourcing equipment, touching up paintwork and all manner of other work to assist Celia in keeping the Club running smoothly.   

The pool

The pool now has some accessible steps installed and a suitable handrail will be in place shortly.

Some further investigations by our pool volunteers Marcus Lawson and Alan Perry, with the help of the pool company, discovered a leak in the inlet pipe which had caused the huge bubble we saw in the liner last year. This has now been repaired.   

A UV filter will be fitted shortly to the water supply into the pool, which will help keep the pool clear and clean during our busiest times.  

Changing rooms and outbuildings 

Those of you sailing over the winter months will have seen the repairs to the flooring in the men's changing room. This will prolong its life for a few more years rather than replacing it entirely, which would have cost the Club in excess of £4,000.  

The men's changing room is very damp due to the building's construction and also because it faces north, which has a major impact on its condition and the level of maintenance required on its upkeep.  Work is being carried out by one of our volunteers to strip back the peeling wall paint.  This will then be given a coat of damp proof and finally painted.  A huge amount of work, and thank you to Max Jones for volunteering for this maintenance.   

The outboard store door will hopefully be replaced shortly, as will the house store and ladies' changing room doors. Barrie, a volunteer, who is present almost every day throughout  the year, will then be able to paint them in time for the start of season.  Barrie has been working tirelessly for the Club for many years and the list of jobs he takes on is too large to mention – thank you very much, Barrie.    

Security and TV

Four extra cameras have been fitted at various positions around the Club giving us clear view over all access points and trouble spots. This footage can be shared with the police and harbour authorities when required. 

We hope to have a webcam facility shortly using one of these cameras. Thanks to the Bosun for assisting with this.   

The new card access gates are working very well with few minor teething problems as we learned how best to set them up. Thank you to David Edwards for the many hours of research, debating the pros and cons at many committee meetings and overseeing their installation.     

Terrace, west wall and pontoons

As with all wooden surfaces at this time of year, repairs and renovations are foremost in our minds.  You will have seen that the wooden decked area on the terrace has been levelled, and further work replacing all the wooden fascia above sea level will be carried out in early spring. The cracks in the western sea wall and terrace will be repaired in the spring, too.   The work is being undertaken by the contractor who originally built the Lawson Basin over twelve years ago, so we feel it’s in safe hands. Thank you to Max Jones for overseeing this work.

Working parties  

Working parties that are held three times a year. Coming to a working party is a great way to know other members and also to help out with various jobs in and around the Club.  

They are for two hours only, 10–12 noon, and you will be rewarded with one of Ollie’s famous  steak pies and a pint.  For your diary, the working party dates are Saturday 16 March, Saturday 13 April and Saturday 19 October and we look forward to seeing you there. 

A final point

You may have seen that Dell Quay Sailing Club has recently been nominated as a finalist in the 2019 RYA and Yachts & Yachting Club of the year awards, primarily because of the innovative and forward-thinking work they have undertaken to encourage all their club members to get involved in some way, both on and off the water.  They developed a strategy for change which is clearly paying off as new teams of members are carrying out all manner of activities as they endeavour to encourage many new initiatives at their club.  (Details available here.) 

With this in mind the Commodore and I will be attending a workshop organised by the RYA titled 'Creating a thriving volunteer community In your club’,  so watch this space for ideas as to how you can get more involved at ESC in the future, and feel free to approach the Flag officers and the office to seek advice on how you can help.

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore (Estates)



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