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Winter storage

Forms are available from the office for car park winter storage.  Any queries to Dennis Welch – Moorings Officer, please.

Please update your database info!

In preparation for the release of bills in December, the database is being tidied up.  Please advise the office (membership@emsworthsc.org.uk) if you know of any boat changes etc coming up ahead of the bills being released in December.

Thank you.

Resuscitation course – Wednesday 1 November

The next resus course will take place on Wednesday 1 November – a chance to update any expired certificates!  It will start at 19:00 at a charge of £10 (cash), which remains payable for failure to attend.  Please contact the office (membership@emsworthsc.org.uk)  if you would like to attend or add your name to the sign-up sheet on the noticeboard.  

Storm Damage
13 September 2017

Following last night's high winds, Cath and Neil Mant surveyed the boat park this morning and there are some torn covers but otherwise no other visible damage to boats.

If you are in any doubt, please come and check your boat out.

Thank you.

Planks available
10 August 2017

Planks of wood are available FOC in the car park – could be useful for gardening/raised beds/allotments. Please help yourself.

Changing Room and Sail Store codes
31 July 2017

The code has now been changed and is on display in the outer office.

Members are requested not to give the code out to others in order to keep us all as secure and safe as possible.

24 July 2017

In order to keep the Club as secure as possible, we will shortly be changing access codes for the changing room and sail store.  The new codes will be available in the outer office.

Car parking Creek End
24 April 2017

Members are reminded that overflow parking in Creek End is not permitted, unless permission has been granted beforehand.  Creek End is a private road and residents have agreed that parking will be allowed on driveways only.

There are a number of cars in our car park that do not appear to belong to members of the Club.  Please make sure that you have an ESC sticker displayed in your windscreen when using the car park – these are available from the office during office opening hours.

Please also remember to park with due consideration for others.  Parking space is at a premium and members are asked to park within the lines.  If your car/van requires more space, please park at the sides of the car park.

Thank you.

April 2017

With the new season starting the Club will be very busy, especially over Easter.  Please help to keep your and everyone's possessions secure by closing the gate to the terrace at all times. Bicycles should be left on the bike chains at the front of clubhouse and may not be brought onto the terrace.

Please sign in your guests in one of the guests books located in the bars and remember that, while members are welcome to bring guests into the Club, the same individual may note be introduced into the Club as a guest on more than six occasions in any one year or more than twice in any one week. The name of each guest must be entered in one of the guest books by the introducing member. 

Members are reminded that guests may not use the swimming pool. Temporary Membership is available for 'house' guests on payment of £26 for adults and £16 for children per week.

Finally, the changing room code was changed some weeks ago and is available in the outer office. Please do not give out the code to others.

Thank you.

Club office

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