From the Vice Commodore
24 May 2017

I can hardly believe we are halfway through 2017 and the Estates Committee is already beginning to look ahead to next year's improvements. We will continue to look at ways of developing facilities for all our members but if you have any suggestions please pop a note in the Suggestion Box in the hall next to the outer office (download Suggestion Form).

We are ever mindful of our need for substantial developments, both in the long and short term. For example, an internal disabled toilet and a new changing room block are just two of the most important items on our agenda, and the small annual increases in membership fees should help us to achieve these over the next 10 –15 years.

There are plans for more renovations to the dinghy park over this next year, thanks to Neil and Cath Mant, our Billets Officers. They will be looking to members for lots of help along the way, so please volunteer where and when you can.

On a weekly and monthly basis, a small but hardworking team from the Estates Committee continues to touch up, repair, install new equipment and generally keep the Club looking smart and working efficiently for us all.  Please contact the Office if you have any time to spare or a skill that you think could help.

The pool continues to be watched over closely by Alan Perry and Marcus Lawson. Thank you both very much for all the work you do and especially for agreeing to the early start of the swimming season this year, which has been welcomed by many. 

The cover keeps the pool at its optimum temperature for us all, so please remember to put the cover back on as you leave the pool – do ask for help if you find this difficult. 

Please would you make sure that your resuscitation certificate or equivalent qualification is up to date.  Resuscitation courses are held monthly, so please sign up on the noticeboard, or contact the office to sign up for the next course.  A recent report from our 'Members Area' shows that of the 444 members with a suitable qualification, only 73% are in date and valid at present.

After the recent attempt to steal outboards from our RIBs, security continues to be an important subject both for the Club and around the harbour. Thieves are always on the lookout for any opportunity, so please take care of your valuables and belongings. Use your membership card instead of bringing money to the Club and if you see anything suspicious, please report it to the Office or the police. The Estates Committee is looking at improving both our CCTV systems and security lighting over the next few months and we plan to introduce a card access system throughout the Club over the next few years. Hopefully these preventative measures will help keep crime to a minimum in the future.  

On a separate note, I would personally like to thank Susan Fitzroy for the huge amount of help and advice that she has given me over the last eight years. Susan has introduced me to the subtle workings of the Club and kept me on the right side of the many weird and wonderful rules and regulations.  Thanks you, Susan, for everything.

Jane Scott
Vice Commodore

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