The Historical Records Group retains and looks after all the Club’s records, documentation, photos, drawings and videos – in short, anything about the Club, its members or  activities  which current members or their successors  may need for reference in the future.  Up to about 10 years ago, records were largely paper based. What documentation we had from the Club’s origin to the start of the digital era is mainly stored in a fire resistant cabinet.  Since digitisation, records are stored electronically, and backed up.  We are currently looking at the feasibility of converting more of the later documents into digital form.

In order to safeguard them the records are protected, by lock and key in the case of the paper and password for the digital ones.  However, an Index of what we keep and where is on the computer outside the office and on this website:

Historical Records Index

Any member wishing to consult the records for any reason is welcome to do so.  You have only to ask a secretary or member of the Group.

The records include numerous photos which Don Manson has digitised and indexed with as much detail as available.   

Many members have contributed old photos (digital or otherwise) and we welcome more, with as much detail of names, dates, event, etc. as possible. We shall, of course, be taking on board any photos that may be forthcoming  in response to the Rear Commodore (House)’s appeal for items for the centenary exhibition.   If you have old documents, these too could be useful. 

Historical Records Team
Ade Fox
Don Manson
Hester McDonald
John Williams
Contact details: see Members' Area


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